BTS’s New Music Video for ‘Life Goes On’ Is the New Feel-Good Anthem

Big Hit Entertainment

ARMY’s most anticipated night arrived at midnight as BTS released their new music video for the single “Life Goes On.” 

To prepare for such an expected comeback, BTS started with a countdown at 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 19. In which the K-pop group spent the half-hour interviewing each other and reading letters from ARMY. Throughout the countdown, BTS showcased their charisma, cheer, and appreciation for their incomparable fanbase. 

As time closed in, the sestet took the last three minutes of the countdown to directly speak to ARMY. They expressed their excitement for the video’s release. Along with this, they acknowledged the hardships and changed this pandemic has brought to the world. However, the artists let their fans know that ARMY and BTS’s love has not changed despite the changes. 

The sestet then said goodbye as they left the viewers on the edge of their seats with a clock countdown. As the timer hit zero and the piercing white BigHit Entertainment intro clip came to an end, BTS member V, Kim Taehyung, is in the music video’s first frame. The scene showcases V driving as he removes a face mask, something we can all relate to during this pandemic. 

The rest of the music video follows the theme of having to stay indoors. Jungkook and Jimin appear in the following scene, seemingly preparing themselves for the day ahead. As the video progresses, the group leader, RM, contemplates the sky’s beautiful view.

BTS finally unites within the same scene as a wide shot showcases the sestet within a comforting living space. Through quick-cutting frames, the K-pop group carry out activities we all took part in during this time of quarantine: playing video games, watching movies, eating, and driving for pleasant sceneries. 

Throughout the visual, the viewers see the artists reminiscing and longing for how life used to be. However, as they surround themselves with each other, they send a message of unity. BTS has demonstrated to the viewers that the most important people during this pandemic are those around you. 

As the video comes to a close, vocalist Jin delivers one of the most heartwarming lyrics as the member sits front and center with the rest of his bandmates seemingly asleep in the background. The camera closes into Jin’s face as he says, “Close your eyes for a moment / Hold my hand / To that future, let’s run away.” As the vocalist closes his eyes, the visual transports viewers into a black and white ambiance. The camera then pans out, revealing the group is now on stage performing. 

Directed by the vocalist Jungkook, the “Life Goes On” music video lets audiences know there is a future out there to take part in the activities we most long to do. BTS’s new single is indeed the new feel-good and hopeful song many needed during these challenging times. 

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