Will Smith and Janet Hubert End Decades-Long Feud During ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Reunion

HBO Max/Saeed Adyani

Will Smith and Janet Hubert resolved their conflict before the 30-year celebration of their show.

Hubert played the beloved Aunt Viv on the first three seasons of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but left due to “creative differences” and was replaced by Maxwell Reid. Since this event, Smith and Hubert haven’t gotten along.

Back in 2011 during a cast reunion, Hubert stated that there could never be a true cast reunion without her and it wouldn’t happen because of her relationship with Smith. However, after all these years, the two agreed to sit down and hash out their problems and attempt to come to an understanding.

Hubert explained that she was trying to support her family at the time, but the producers offered her a “really bad deal” where her salary was cut. Contrary to popular belief, she rejected this unfair offer and based her decision on her home life and not the cast. Since their original conflict, Smith has gone through similar experiences and what she said seemed to resonate with him.

“I have children, I’ve been divorced, I’ve had a second marriage,” Smith replied… “And I can see how the level of pain and the level of struggle that it was for you just to show up every day.”

The two finally made their peace and were able to partake in the 30-year celebration of the show that was shaped by them and also shaped them. With this conflict resolved Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fans can finally get out their confetti. You can watch the cast reunite on HBO Max.