Orion Carloto’s New Book ‘Film for Her’ Includes Film Photographs and Poetic Pieces


Author of poetry book Flux, writer and social media influencer Orion Carloto has just released her second book.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ may be a phrase you have heard before, and while it holds true, it is essential to remember the power of words as well. Now, images and words used together to support one another, are grounds for an impactful piece. Introducing, Film for Her; a beautiful collection of written and photographed pieces that work together to recapture life’s simple moments.

In her letter to the reader, author Carloto expresses, “Film for Her is a reflection of all the instances in my life where I found beauty in the most ordinary places. A storybook of people, places, and memories captured on film. An ode to my youth, a super cute of dreams, and a homage to growing up. In a world where we have become so obsessed with trying to survive, I hope these words serve as a gentle reminder that it’s okay to simply live.”

Carloto pairs film photographs from her life along with written poetry, short stories, or prose inspired by the moment. The vulnerable book is sure to inspire others to take a step back to be aware of the little moments in life.

Film for Her is available for purchase now and retails for $18.99. This book would be a great gift for a friend, family member, or for yourself this holiday season. Additionally, December 2 is the last available date of Carloto’s virtual book tour, and you can find more information about her tour here. Happy reading.