Elle King Performs a Rooftop Session, Presented by Rolling Stone and VUSE

Corey Bost/RCA Records

Elle King will be headlining one of Rolling Stone and VUSE’s Rooftop Sessions on Friday night.

The Rooftop Sessions are meant to attempt to bring music and joy back into the hearts and homes of music lovers, all whilst supporting artists who have struggled due to COVID-19. They feature three musicians who play at three different rooftops across New York City. These events will be live-streamed so that listeners get a taste of live music again.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 King’s tour was canceled. However, she maintains a positive attitude and is using this setback to remind herself why she fell in love with music and performing in the first place.

The singer has spent quarantine in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and she spends her time writing songs and connecting with other talented songwriters from all over the world. King has “loved” doing Skype sessions without distance being a barrier because she could remain within the comforts of her sweatpants and home.

“At the end of the day, safety, health, family, everyone’s lives are the most important thing. If we can find a way to make everybody comfortable and then still have music, [it will be] a beautiful thing,” King says, according to People.

King’s last live performance was at Shake the Spirit in 2018, and she also released an EP over the summer called Isolation. Now, she is in the process of creating her third album. As someone who rolls with the punches, King is ready for anything that comes her way.