Naomi Osaka Launches New Nike Line Dedicated to Her Heritage


Naomi Osaka’s new athletic line represents her Japanese, Haitian, and American ethnicity.


Tennis champion, Naomi Osaka has collaborated with Nike and launched her own athletic collection, with her products selling out in less than 24 hours. The clothes are tailored for tennis use, but they are so fashionable you can wear them for any occasion.

Naomi Osaka is one of the most well-known tennis players right now. The tennis star has won the Grand Slam 3 times and is currently the highest-ranked Asian player, all at just 23. Some items from her collection consist of a minimalistic unisex polo, tennis shorts, beanie, cropped shirt, and fanny pack.


Another important feature of these products is their representation of Osaka’s ethnic roots. Osaka is of Japanese and Haitian descent, and those identities show in her clothes. A post by NikeCourt says, “Inspired by Naomi’s unique outlook and playful style. Graphics are drawn from her initials and reflect her roots. Naomi’s signature camo is a one-of-a-kind pattern made by plugging in the coordinates for Japan, Haiti, and the USA.”

A specific graphic to keep an eye on is the simple “no” encrusted on her products. This symbol represents her initials and is “visually influenced by the national flag of Japan.” Additionally, her style has been featuring camo, which was specially designed to represent the “coordinates of three countries: Japan, where Osaka was born and where her mother is from; Haiti, where her father is from; and the United States, where Osaka was raised since age 3.”

Osaka’s new Nike line serves as both a fashion piece and a form of comfortable work out material. Make sure to check out her products here.