Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa Trend on Twitter After Announcing Their New Song ‘Prisoner’


Singer-songwriter and actress Miley Cyrus is releasing one of the tracks on her upcoming album Plastic Hearts called “Prisoner” and here’s what you need to know.

Cyrus’ new song on her highly-anticipated seventh studio album features a collaboration with English singer Dua Lipa, known for her songs “Don’t Start Now” and “New Rules.” The hashtag “prisoner is coming” has been trending on Twitter as fans have expressed their excitement about the track from the new album. Cyrus announced the news of the early release of the track on her Twitter.

Although Cyrus announced that the new track would come out prior to the release of her album, she has not stated when the song would come out. Her 80’s-inspired pop-rock album Plastic Hearts is set to release on November 27, 2020. Cyrus recently released a new remix of her song “Midnight Sky” (which is on the new album) with singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks, known for singing with the band Fleetwood Mac.

The tracks on Cyrus’ upcoming album include “WTF Do I Know,” “Plastic Hearts,” “Angels Like You,” “Night Crawling,” “Hate Me,” “Bad Karma,” and more. British singer Dua Lipa has not announced anything on her social media about the upcoming collaboration between her and Cyrus, but she did retweet Cyrus’s announcement about the release of the song. Her most recent posts are about her upcoming virtual performance at Studio 2054.

Fans have voiced their excitement about the collaboration between the two iconic pop singers on social media. Pop music fans have been blowing up Twitter with edits of the two singers together, expressing their anticipation for the new track.

We cannot wait to hear Cyrus’ new album Plastic Hearts and will be counting down the days until it comes out. In the meantime, we will be streaming “Midnight Sky” and “Prisoner” on a continuous loop.