Justin Bieber Delivers an Emotional Performance of His Two Hit Songs at the E! People’s Choice Awards


Justin Bieber performed a powerful and emotional set on Sunday night.

Justin Bieber broke down his walls on Sunday night at the E! People’s Choice Awards. The singer sang his new hit singles, “Holy” and “Lonely.”

This was a huge night for Bieber, as he was the most-nominated male artist with seven nominations, including male artist of 2020, the album of 2020, the song of 2020, and more.

Bieber began his set with his vulnerable song “Lonely,” with Benny Blanco, in which he performed on the stage set of a desolate bus stop, on a dark city street. The feeling of despair and rejection exuded from Bieber’s heart-heavy performance. This single’s heartfelt lyrics have struck a popular uprising. The lyrics explain his early singing career and how it had made him feel isolated from everyone. The 26-year-old singer found a way to create a connection with his listeners in a beautiful way.

Justin posted on Instagram prior to the song’s release on what he had hoped it would mean to his fans.

The pop singer transitioned from this emotional performance into his upbeat and lively hit song, “Holy.” Accompanied by purple neon crosses and a gospel choir, Bieber delivered a successful performance for his fans.

Bieber is using his stardom to connect with his audience in a powerful and effective way. Through endorsing Black Lives Matter and showing awareness for mental health issues, he has used his fame for the better. We wish all the best for Bieber and more success to come.