CDC Encourages Safety for This Year’s Thanksgiving Celebrations


As COVID-19 cases surge across the United States, citizens seem to be completing grocery shopping and planning Thanksgiving gatherings.

As we leave the summer behind, the warm weather that appeared to give us leverage for safe outdoor gatherings is now gone. The changing seasons have caused a surge in COVID-19 cases across America, leaving more people in the hospital with the virus than previous records. Nevertheless, many people are craving traditional family gatherings for the upcoming holidays. With Thanksgiving around the corner, experts suggest and encourage safety for the next month.

The CDC website has dedicated a new page with safety tips for this year’s Thanksgiving celebration. First and foremost, the CDC primarily encourages to celebrate the holiday only with people in your household. By doing so, citizens will minimize the risks of contracting or spreading COVID-19.

However, if you plan to meet or welcome others from a different household, the CDC recommends the following. Everyone must wear a snug mask and stay six feet apart from those not usually within your home. Along with this, allowing time to quarantine and getting tested reinforces safety.

While at a gathering, the CDC stays true to the power of soap and hand sanitizer. They want to remind everyone to make sure to keep their hands’ clean, whether handling food or not. The CDC also encourages limiting the number of guests to an outdoor environment or a ventilated space with opened windows.

Nevertheless, if you plan to travel further distances, the CDC recommends carrying extra supplies such as masks, hand sanitizer, and obtaining the flu shot before heading out.

The CDC also gives people alternative ways to celebrate this family-oriented holiday. Virtual meetings are encouraged in which you may still have a scheduled dinner with loved ones and share recipes as well. Watching television and playing board games is another way the CDC believes is a great way to spend Thanksgiving this time around.

Similarly, share your unique dishes with other family members or neighbors by delivering them in a safe and contactless way. Letters can also be a great way to demonstrate your gratitude and love to others.

Be sure to stay safe and healthy this Thanksgiving and upcoming holidays. Visit the CDC website to learn more on ways to make this holiday special and safe for your loved ones.