Selena Gomez Celebrates Biden’s Win With ‘Party in the USA’ Song


Selena Gomez recently celebrated Biden’s win, Miley Cyrus-style

The former Disney star recently celebrated after the news broke of Joe Biden being the president-elect. The celebrity posted an upbeat video of her singing along the lyrics to “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus on her Instagram story.

A fan account also recently shared a video that Gomez posted to her Instagram story during a protest stating, “no one is illegal”

Gomez is no stranger to speaking up about politics and social justice issues all while encouraging her followers to vote. The celebrity has been active across her social media platforms emphasizing the importance to use your voice. Gomez recently interviewed with former Senator, now Vice-President, Kamala Harris, about mental health and the importance of voting in the 2020 election.

Gomez didn’t seem to be the only one celebrating by blasting the infamous “Party in the USA” song. A crowd of happy voters gathered around the white house playing the hit song in celebration.

We’re happy so many young voters got out and used their voice to vote in this election. The stress and anticipation of the election anticipation are finally over, and for that, it’s a “Party in the USA.”