Maren Morris Dedicates One of Her Three CMA Award Wins to the Black Women of Country Music


Maren Morris thanks the Black women of country music for inspiring her career.

Maren Morris received her biggest career win last night for Female Artist of the Year at the CMA Music Awards. While on her career-high, Morris paid a tribute to the Black women of country music.

Rhiannon Giddens, Yola, Linda Martell, Rissi Palmer, Mickey Guyton, and Brittney Spencer were all mentioned in Morris’s acceptance speech. These inspiring Black women range from the 1970s to today’s songwriters and Nashville’s up-and-coming music artists.

“There are so many amazing Black women that pioneer and continue to pioneer this genre,” Morris said. “I know they’re gonna come after me. They’ve come before me. You’ve made this genre so, so beautiful. I hope you know that we see you.” 

She continued to thank these women for all of the inspiration she had been given to fight for her dream of becoming a country artist. “Thank you for making me so inspired as a singer in this genre,” the Female Artist of the Year said.

Not only did Morris win her best award last night, but she also won two additional awards including Song of the Year and Single of the Year for her song “Bones.”

Congratulations to Morris for her success at the CMA Music Awards, and thank you for continuing to inspire and empower women everywhere. We wish Morris the best of luck in the future.