Judge Denies Removal of Britney Spears’ Father From Conservatorship

Tinseltown / Shutterstock

An attempt to have James Spears, pop icon Britney Spears’ father, removed as her conservator has been denied by a Los Angeles judge.

This development comes as a blow to the star’s campaign to regain financial control over her life. Spears has not had control of her assets, estimated at more than $60 million, since 2008. While years went by without contest from the singer, she is now trying to take back her life. Her journey has seen its share of legal roadblocks.

During the hearing, lawyers for both Spears’ pled cases for who should be the conservator. Vivian Thoreen, who represented Spears’ father, argued that he should remain conservator due to the business success of the Spears career over the last 12 years. While Samuel Ingham, representing Spears, claimed that the star feared her father and that they no longer have a relationship.

The conservatorship was put into place after Spears began showing signs of mental illness in 2007 and was then admitted for psychiatric care in 2008. Her father was co-conservator until Attorney Andrew Wallet resigned in 2019. Conservatorships are normally reserved for people dealing with severe mental illness, or who are suffering from dementia and are often temporary. Unfortunately, 12 years after a dark time in her life, Spears seems to be trapped under her father’s control.

Mr. Spears claims that Spears is not mentally stable enough to control her assets, but critics refute these claims by pointing to the last decade of the popstar’s career. Despite not being to access the money made, Spears has had a phenomenal run in the music industry, earning her millions that her father is has a hold on. Four albums, three tours, and a Las Vegas residency secured Spears spot amongst the greatest pop icons of our time. Spears has not let the burden of mental illness and the stressful spotlight of stardom stop her from performing all over the world.

Fans have started a #FreeBritney campaign, claiming that the singer is being held captive by her father. They rallied in the streets outside the hearing caring posters, wishing for some vindication for the star. On social media, supporters rejected the judge’s decision. Fans point out that if Spears is well enough to perform, make money and support those around her, including her father, then she should be able to maintain her finances on her own.

The judge has denied this appeal, however, she will consider appeals for Spears’ removal in the future. Until then, a small win for the singer is that the financial company Bessemer Trust has been named co-conservator as her request. A new hearing is set for December 16.