A Clock in New York Is Counting Down How Much Time Donald Trump Has Left in Office

Andrew Cline/Shutterstock

A digital clock located in Long Island City, New York has been counting down the end of Trump’s first term since 2017 and it looks like they will be able to unplug it this coming January.

Joe Biden was recently announced the United States President-Elect in the 2020 presidential election against current President Donald Trump. Amongst the many Americans who were excited about change are Brandon Stosuy, editor of The Creative Independent, and the people who put up the clock, artist Matthew Barney, Jade Archuleta-Gans, architect Jane Lea, light designer Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn and others.

The red lights are cast around the area as if it’s demanding a change. For four years this clock has stood tall as a beacon of hope for women, for the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, and most importantly for the people of America who have been negatively affected by his presidency. Though four years is a long time, the clock was a reminder that one day his power and influence will be taken from him like the rights he took away from so many minority groups.

“It was a mix of joy and relief,” Stosuy said. “I’m also just happy that people saw it, understood what it meant, and felt some optimism or calm. We’ve always intentionally avoided talking much about it because we wanted it to speak for itself—and I’m so glad people found it, figured it out, and got something from it. And now I’m glad we can turn it off.”

Even though in 70 days Trump’s presidency will be over, that doesn’t mean that the American people should stop demanding justice from people in power. Biden is a step in the right direction, but the fight is long from over. It’s the final countdown.