Matthew A. Cherry Announces Beyoncé’s Daughter, Blue Ivy, Will Narrate the Audible Version of His Short Film ‘Hair Love’

Hair Love

Director, writer and producer Matthew A. Cherry has recently announced that he will be making an Audible version of his hit short film Hair Love.

Cherry’s Oscar award-winning short film Hair Love, has been made into an audiobook and is narrated by Beyoncé’s oldest child, Blue Ivy.

The four-minute audiobook, voiced by the eight-year-old star, was made available on Audible’s website on November 9, as well as other places where audiobooks can be sold.

Cherry had alluded to Blue Ivy doing the narration before the COVID-19 pandemic. He took to Twitter giving his followers a snippet of the audiobook with Blue Ivy reading out “Dreamscape Presents Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry, narrated by Blue Ivy Carter.”

Since the film’s release, it has served as an inspiration to cultivate love and appreciation for those with natural hair. The film showcases a young Black girl with beautiful curly hair and someone who seems to an important male figure in her life. The man struggles to try and style the young girl’s hair, and just as it seems he’s going to give up, the two find help from a video that shows how to style natural hair that was made by the young girl’s mother.

Though the film has very little dialogue, it perfectly showcases the love and care we have with those in our lives even in small activities in our day to day routines, such as fixing your hair.

Click below to watch the short film for Hair Love.

You can buy or listen to the audiobook now by clicking here.