Suga, Member of the Hit Korean Pop Band BTS, Has Undergone Shoulder Surgery

Big Hit Entertainment

In a statement made by Big Hit Entertainment, BTS rapper Suga has recently had shoulder surgery and will be absent from certain activities for the time being.

On November 6, Big Hit announced that earlier this week on November 3, Suga had surgery done on his shoulder in order to repair his torn labrum. They explained the surgery was successful and that Suga is currently resting and recovering.

The label also explained that this was not a new injury, but that the artist has suffered from shoulder problems since 2012, where he was officially diagnosed with a dislocated shoulder in 2013. Then in 2019, Suga was diagnosed with a tear in his left shoulder.

Suga will be taking a break from activities and will be starting physical therapy in hopes that he will be in good health to rejoin activities soon with the rest of the band and for when he will be serving in the South Korean military.

Fans have been sending Suga love, wishing him a speedy and healthy recovery over social media as they trend the hashtag #GetWellSoonYoongi, which refers to the band member’s actual name, Min Yoon-gi, rather than his stage name, Suga.

Unfortunately, in the statement, Big Hit mentioned Suga may not be able to meet with fans for a while, even as the band gears up for their new album BE, which will be released on November 20.

Fans also are now waiting eagerly to see if Suga will be performing with the rest of BTS at the American Music Awards on November 22. Our best get well soon wishes go out to Suga as he is recovering during this time.