Little Mix’s New Album ‘Confetti’ Is Finally Out


Little Mix has just released their next incredible pop album Confetti.

Little Mix’s sixth studio album Confetti was released on November 6 through RCA Records and Columbia. It will be their first album debut after departing with their previous record label Syco in 2018. The eccentric, pop album was preceded by three singles: “Break Up Song,” “Holiday,” and “Sweet Melody.” The British girl group also teased the release of the album with two promotional singles:  “Not a Pop Song” and “Happiness.” 

Little Mix hinted towards their new album Confetti on March 12, 2020, when they released a music video for the hit song “Wasabi” from their previous album LM5. The video ended with a declaration that the LM5 era was over with a big bang of confetti and a progress bar that said “New Era Pending.” In that same month, all the girls confirmed in interviews that they were in the process of developing a new project.

However, the wait is now over and fans can stream Confetti, all day and night.

Confetti features 13 flirtatious bops and empowering tracks, including the three singles and their two promotional singles. The songs titled are “Break Up Song,” “Holiday,” “Sweet Melody,” “Confetti,” “Happiness,” “Not a Pop Song,” “Nothing But My Feelings,” “Gloves Up,” “A Mess (Happy For You),” “My Love Won’t Let You Down,” “Rendezvous,” “If You Want My Love,” and “Breathe.”

Their sixth studio album shows Little Mix perfecting their glamorous pop sound while experimenting with sultry R&B sounds, an ode to Destiny’s Child and TLC. The record discusses matters of sex, self-love, and women empowerment through the 13 songs of perfection. It also shows the girls displaying their sassy personality in “Not a Pop Song” as they make not-so-subtle-digs at Simon Cowell.

On September 17, Little Mix announced that they will promote their newest album by going on tour, The Confetti Tour, which is scheduled to take place from 28 April to 29 May 2021. The British girl group will perform in the U.K. and Ireland. Tickets are now available at their Little Mix website.

Their album Confetti has received mostly positive reviews from music critics as they declare the album a masterpiece and Mixers agree. They sleep, breathe, and praise the pop record.

You can listen to Little Mix’s new album Confetti and buy tickets to their tour here. We wish all the girls the best in their future projects.