Joe Biden Projected Winner of the 2020 Presidential Election as He Leads in PA, GA, NV and AZ

VP Brothers/Shutterstock

Previous Vice President, Joe Biden is currently leading in Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, while President Donald Trump leads in Alaska and North Carolina.

Biden could win two states out of North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada or just win Pennsylvania. On the other hand, Trump needs to win three states out of North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada as well as Pennsylvania. In simple terms, Trump needs a victory in Pennsylvania to even consider winning.

Due to COVID-19, many American citizens voted by mail to ensure safety. The majority of mail-in ballots consisted of Democrats since Trump denounced and questioned the validity of mail-in ballots at his rallies. The mail-in results are still in the process of being counted and America’s anticipation grows by the hour.

Trump has continuously claimed voter fraud with mail-in ballots, despite no evidence leading to that conclusion. Legality is the number one priority for the people counting votes. They are working hard to be efficient while making sure there is no artifice. These claims are likely a result of fear that he won’t be reelected into the white house as the United States president.

Biden currently has 264 electoral votes, while Trump has 214 electoral votes. To win the presidential election you need at least 270 electoral college votes. Electoral college votes are released after the popular vote is done being counted. As America enters the final stretch, the American people need to remain patient for a little while longer.