Here Are Some Election Memes to Scroll Through While Waiting for Remaining Votes to Be Counted


Since November 3, swing states Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona have continued counting the remaining votes; while we wait, we found some memes to distract you.

Gen Z and Millenials on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram have come up with memes to make fun of President Donald Trump, the swing states, and more. Here is one of the many viral TikToks about the election and specifically the uncertainty surrounding a smooth transition of power if Biden becomes the Presidential-elect.

During such a suspenseful election the American people are finding comedic relief through making jokes on social media. Here is another popular meme that has recently surfaced about the never-ending election on Twitter.

There have been countless jokes about how long certain states are taking to finish counting the ballots. Democratic strategist and columnist Max Burns even posted a meme about Nevada counting their remaining ballots.

People have even taken to Instagram to post their memes about the anxiety and anger that the election is causing the American people.

Although these memes can ease tension for many American people the stress of this year’s election is something on everyone’s mind as this week comes to a close.

We hope that the Presidential election yields some results soon and that every vote will be counted. The American people deserve to have their say in who is elected, and by counting the votes, democracy will remain intact. For now, we recommend you keep scrolling through memes to have a good laugh and take care of yourself.