Philadelphians Rejoice as They Become Key for Joe Biden Taking the Lead in Pennsylvania

VP Brothers/Shutterstock

On the morning of Friday, November 6, Philadelphians took to the streets to celebrate the announcement of Joe Biden leading in the state of Pennsylvania.

The election took a drastic turn as Pennsylvania continued to tally outstanding ballots pulling former Vice President Biden to the race head. Such an occurrence caused the Democratic citizens of Philadelphia to rejoice and come to realize they might play a significant role in this election.

At the moment of the announcement, Biden held 253 electoral votes. Winning Pennsylvania would place the candidate pass the 270 Electoral College vote threshold, solidifying his position in the White House.

The New York Times spoke with Bernadette Golarz, a 36-year-old nurse and citizen of Philadelphia, who was celebrating the news. Golarz expressed her joy by saying, “We want to make sure that our voters are counted and that our democracy is not stolen from us. We’re celebrating everybody’s right to vote and the fact that we all showed up to put him out.”

On Twitter, we can see Philadelphians coming together at the Pennsylvania convention center. Split into two; Republicans demand to see the votes, while Democrats sing and dance.

There is nothing but pride in the people of Philadelphia as they demonstrate the power of democracy. Helen Gym, a member of the Philadelphia City Council, said to The New York Times, “We’re going to show this country that Philadelphia was big enough to take on this entire nation.”

This year’s election will undoubtedly go down in history, and Philadelphia will showcase as an essential piece of the race.