Trump and Protestors Attempt to Intimidate Official Poll Workers With Frivolous ‘Stop Counting’ Demands

Evan El-Amin/ Shutterstock

With Donald Trump calling the election rigged, protestors across the country are demanding to “Stop the count” in light of the ongoing election.

During this true rollercoaster of an election, we have seen swing states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and more drastically change their political stances. The beginning of the election saw a “red wave”– all the primarily conservative votes got counted first. However, states such as Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia are still in the process of counting their mail-in ballots, which are said to skew heavily towards Biden due to democrats voting earlier.

With the counting of these new ballots and swing states such as Michigan and Wisconsin turning blue, Trump supporters’ protests have sprung across the country. Trump has called out the election, claiming that Democrats are trying to “steal” the election.

Additionally, Trump is suing Michigan and Pennsylvania to stop counting ballots and seek to get a recount of Wisconsin. In a tweet, Trump stated that his lawyers are trying to get “meaningful access” to the ballots, admitted it to being too late, and the election results will proceed. Currently, the chances of Trump winning the election are mixed. With Joe Biden at 264 electoral votes, he will win by getting at least 6 votes from the already left-leaning Nevada alone.

As the results for Nevada are being processed, the nation anxiously awaits. Trump supporters in Michigan have been demanding to “Stop the counts!” Even though counting the mail-in ballots is necessary to ensure that all votes get counted, conservatives have been calling the election rigged.

Though a final verdict on the election will be known within a few days, we can expect ongoing lawsuits and protests from the Trump campaign if he faces a loss. During this anxious time, please make sure to stay safe and follow proper public health laws when the election results are known.