The One Where You Treat Yourself to the New Revolution X ‘Friends’ Collection


Check out products from the new collection inspired by the classic sitcom Friends.

Revolution Makeup has dropped a new beauty collection inspired by the classic television series Friends, which is filled with nostalgia and clever references to the show and it’s characters.

The collection includes seven different vegan formulated eyeshadow pallets that come in very unique packaging that will stand out from the rest of your pallets. The larger pallets can come in the shape of a taxi cab, a Central Perk coffee mug, or even the famous yellow frame that hangs on the purple door of Monica’s apartment.

There are also some smaller pallets as well as lipsticks that are inspired by each of the ladies in the series, Rachel, Monica, and Pheobe. Other products in the collection include a lip gloss with packaging inspired by each of the friends, such as the Joey Lip Gloss which features sub sandwiches decorating the top of the tube.

If you’re not looking for makeup but still want to treat yourself to some amazing products, you can check out the skincare, accessories, and bath products that are in the popular collection. For example, treat your dry winter skin with the Carmel Latte Lip Mask or the Espresso Body Scrub with a reusable cup, all inspired by the gang’s favorite coffee shop. Or, check our the four fun bath fizzers, including one that is shaped like a lobster. There are also a few cosmetic bags, scrunchies, and a mirror in the line.

The collection is selling out quickly, so be sure to hurry and grab your favorites from this fun Friends inspired beauty collection. You can purchase the items on the Revolution website, and keep checking for any restocks.