Maluma and The Weeknd Surprise Fans With Fiery Remix of ‘Hawái’


Maluma and The Weeknd surprised fans with a bilingual and fiery remix of the Colombian artist’s hit “Hawái.” 

Maluma released “Hawái” back in July, giving his fans the perfect song for the summer. The track was also the second single released for his fifth album Papi Juancho. 

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Amidst the turbulence and uncertainty of this year’s Presidential Election, Maluma and The Weeknd decided to team up and give everyone a little music break. On November 4, the artists took to social media and teased about their collaboration. 

As we can see, they did not take long to release the full video of their remix the following day. We can confidently say that the partnership did not disappoint. 

As The Weeknd opens the first verse of the track, he soothes the listener with his magnificent vocals saying, “So now he’s your heaven? You’re lying to yourself and him to make me jealous / You put on such an act when you’re sleeping together / All this cause I said I don’t want marriage.” It then flourishes into the zealous chorus, which the Canadian artist sings in Spanish. This track is The Weeknd’s first time singing in Spanish. 

Maluma then carries on the second verse bringing with his voice the heartbreak the song describes. The track speaks about the loss of someone you love as they find someone who gives them financial security. The artists try to convey the idea that true love overpowers the materialistic wants in life. 

The video showcases both artists within a dark and neon light aesthetic—the reel changes from Maluma’s dismembered relationship to both artists dancing to their song’s beat. Directed by Dominican music video director Jessy Terrero, the piece was filmed in Los Angeles.

Seeing the collaboration between these two artists shows us how two worlds can come together and create something incredible. Be sure to watch the remix video of “Hawái” and follow @maluma and @theweeknd on Twitter for more music.