Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff Cast in Original Musical Film ‘Molly and the Moon’

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff are joining forces again, this time for a live-action musical called Molly and the Moon.

Bell and Groff, who voiced fan-favorite Frozen couple Anna and Kristoff in the hit Disney films, are now working with How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas on their newest film. Bays and Thomas penned the original musical and are currently set to direct the movie.

In a synopsis provided by Playbill, the film reportedly follows an expectant couple that sings to their unborn baby.

Thomas revealed that the idea for Molly and the Moon came after a tragic time in his life when his newborn baby was born with several heart defects. Bays and himself started contemplating what baby Elliot was thinking while being in the incubator.

“He was having a more mythic, epic journey that I had in my three decades of life, all in his first couple of weeks of life,” Thomas said, according to Deadline. “Carter found himself wondering too, what is that little life going through in this plastic box? What is Elliot thinking and feeling as he’s lying there? You hear phrases like, ‘Oh the surgery went well but he’s not out of the woods yet’, and we would wonder, what are the woods like, and how would you show them? Later, that would inspire elements of Molly and the Moon.”

Production companies are introducing the film to buyers this week. With the ongoing pandemic, news of a musical comedy starring Bell and Groff is exactly what we needed to hear.