Viola Davis Looks Gorgeous With Natural Curls Inspiring Fans to Vote


On November 2, Viola Davis shared some last encouraging words before Election Day.

Davis shared on social media how important it is to vote. She has been advocating followers to vote over the past few weeks, and in her most recent post, she gave a few last words that summarize her feelings towards voting.

Davis writes, “Last message before tomorrow…..plain….simple….but powerful…..VOTE!!!!!” She continues by saying, “VOTE for your kids, yourself, the voiceless, your parents, family, your country, your future, your present…..VOTE!!!! God bless America.”

To top it all off Davis includes a video of her wearing a black sweater with the word “VOTE” in white on the front. She also is sporting her natural, curly hair and gorgeous silver hoop earrings.

This isn’t the first time that Davis has advocated about voting. On October 21, Davis’ posted a picture with her husband announcing that she had just voted.

“WE Voted!! This is a year of wokeness and understanding that we have to be the change we want to see. The vision and potential of this country cannot happen with complacency and/or apathy.” She ends by saying, “Vote! Like your very breath depends on it.”

We are glad that Davis is using her social media accounts in order to encourage fans to vote. To look up sample ballots, polling locations, and other voter information, click here.