Harry Styles’ New Music Video is Pure Gold

YouTube/Columbia Records

Harry Styles graced fans on October 26 with a stunning music video debut of his song, “Golden” from the album Fine Line.

The video opens with Styles’ silhouette walking through a dim tunnel. Quick shots of the artists then transport the viewers to the bright and golden-hued scenery of Italy. Along the Amalfi Coast, Styles sprints and runs; he focuses his vision on the camera, making the music video feel like a montage straight out of our favorite rom-com film. 

Directed by Ben and Gabe Turner, the video helps the viewers transport themselves to a beautiful outdoor ambiance. Due to the pandemic restricting traveling and outdoor activities, fans and viewers certainly appreciated such scenery. So much the music video has now accumulated more than 25 million views on YouTube.

Along with the breathtaking scenery, Styles reminds us that he can pull off any clothing. Interchanging scenes show Styles in a loose, white button-down shirt and shorts to a light blue double-breasted jacket with a striped shirt, wool pants, and crochet gloves. This set of clothing appears to be custom Gucci styled by Harry Lambert. Not only is Styles letting us enjoy the streets of Italy as he teases a local by cheekily propping himself in the front of her car, but takes us into the water. 

Styles stands by the rocky shoreline with quick yet aesthetically pleasing shots and submerges himself into the water. However, his medium-length curls are what give the music video a sweet, and fresh, minimalistic feel. 

It is no secret this new music video by Styles has warmed the hearts of many. So be sure to watch the video below.

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