Christian Louboutin’s New Fragrance Has Transformed His Dreams Into Art

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin has released a new fragrance collection that doubles as artwork and will be the perfect gift for this Holiday 2020 season.

The new Loubiworld fragrance collection is the perfect match for Louboutin’s iconic red-sole shoes. The fragrance has the power to transport you through the designer’s dreams, fantasies, and universes with each bottler.

Louboutin knew that the presentation of his new collection had to be as showstopping as the scents inside. Therefore, he brought his friend and French illustrator, Hélène Tran, to master this collaboration. Tran did not disappoint and gave us “ethereal designs [which] echo both the poetry and humor of each universe.”

The new collection includes seven unique fragrances to match their ethereal bottles. The body of the bottles is each reminiscent of the vibrant red staple under every Louboutin stiletto. However, the caps envision the unique scent to which it belongs.

The caps feature a crisp and metallic pineapple, “lucky cat,” Calavera skull crowned with flowers, feline’s head, crocodile, crown, and the infamous red-sole Louboutin stiletto. Certain fragrances explore fresh and fruity signatures, while others dive into deep oriental tones. However, the aromas that appear to stand out are Loubirouge (stiletto cap), an oriental spicy fragrance comprised of cardamon, iris, and vanilla. Another favorite is the Loubikiss (Calavera cap), which consists of jasmine, tuberose, and musk, giving it a woody floral scent. Finally, the Loubicrown has entrapped people with its woody oriental fragrance as it contains patchouli, cedarwood, and tonka bean.

Louboutin had a vision when it came to his new collection. He entrusted perfumers Christophe Raynaud, Nicolas Beaulieu, Daphné Bugey, and Marie Salamagn to create these fragrances to capture the essence of his dreamland.

The new Loubiworld fragrance collection retail at $300 each, and with its bright, ethereal presence, it is sure to style any place in your home. Be sure to visit the website to view this beautiful collection. If you don’t know which fragrance to choose from, Louboutin has provided a fragrance quiz to guide you in the right direction.