Trump Builds a Wall-Around the White House Prior to Election Shutterstock

The President who claimed he would build a wall to surround the country has built a wall around the White House instead. 

Similar to the measures taken during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, there is a wall being constructed around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as confirmed by CNN and ABC news. One reporter has also noted that there will be 250 National Guardsmen put in the area. 

As the tensions have mounted in the days before the election, several business centers in urban areas have boarded-up storefronts to prevent possible destruction if the country breaks out into violence. While individuals have the right to peacefully demonstrate on the night of the election, official leaders remind their citizens that violence will not be tolerated, as seen in some Black Lives Matter protests. 

Tense and aggressive behavior has been seen on both sides in the last few days, such as the Trump caravan that tried to stall a Biden-Harris campaign bus. This caused the Biden-Harris group to cancel their event, whereas Trump was perfectly happy with his fellow ‘patriots’ actions.’ 

All tensions will come to a head tomorrow, but hopefully, we will see a peaceful election. November 3 will certainly be an important day, but we may not know the election results by the end of the day due to ballots that are still coming in from the mail. Take care of yourself as the results roll in, and stay tuned to a local news station for updates about your area.