Rachel Hilson Shared a Toni Morrison Speech and Exercised Her Right to Vote

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Rachel Hilson, known for her work in Love Victor, reaches out to her fans to vote and uses the words of Toni Morrison to give them insight on her voting decision.

Along with many other celebrities, Hilson encourages fans to exercise their right to vote. As she proudly showed off her “I Voted” sticker, she shares an excerpt from a speech Morrison gave at Howard. Morrison delivered this speech in 1995, yet this message is still relevant 25 years later. She indicates this speech gave her clarity on voting and wants to enlighten fans with some much-needed words of wisdom.

One fan even commented, “Ah – you seem like the loveliest angel-human. I admire you using this platform to share so much love, cries for change, goodness and farmers market hauls. We need and appreciate you so much,” showing the positive reaction from this type of content.

The right to vote has been a long time coming for people of color, women, and people stricken by poverty. These minority groups have the chance to make history with their vote. Whether you go to the polls or mail it in, every single vote matters. She wants people to put away their political groups or predetermined mindsets aside, and combat the impending threat that Morrison shed light on. It’s important to vote for immediate action for our nation.


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Translation: register to vote.

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Morrison talks about how even though racism is concealed and takes a different shape, it’s still a problem. The labels of political parties are confining us to factions, instead of bringing us together through humanity. The division of our nation has been corrupt with greed and material items to the point where we prioritize it over human life.

As Hilson so eloquently put, “You are not your Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola labels! You are human. Vote like a human.”

If you are of age, use your voice and vote in this upcoming election.