Virginia Residents Miss Last Day of Online Voter Registration Due to Cut Cable


In several states, today is the last day to register to vote for the upcoming presidential election, and a cut fiber cable in Virginia caused voters to miss their opportunity to register.

Early on Tuesday morning, the Virginia Department of Elections said that a cable was cut, causing connectivity issues that brought the registration system down.

This is the second instance of American’s votes being at risk, as it was recently reported that the Californian GOP was responsible for installing fake ballot drop-off boxes. Citizens are viewing the timing of the accidental cable damage as another attempt at mass voter suppression. Twitter users are calling out the irony of the accident happening on the last day for voters to register.

Along with concerns of voter suppression, Virginians are also concerned about the President’s words putting their political leaders at risk. The news of the cut cable comes the same morning as reports that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was also being targeted by a militia group planning to kidnap and kill Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The connection is raising theories that the states being targeted stem from Trump’s calls to liberate these states from their democratic leaders.

Already there have been calls to extend the deadline to register in VA due to the mishap. Between 12-hour lines to wait to vote, fake ballot boxes, and registration systems failing; there are too many instances where the American people are being kept from casting their vote in what will be the country’s most important election in its history.

The attempts to suppress seem desperate at this point, and not at all accidental. But we must not let these roadblocks keep us from exercising our right to choose who leads our country. To find out more about how to vote on/before November 3, look here.