Senator Mike Lee Seen at Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Without Mask, Only Days After Testing Positive for COVID-19

Christopher Halloran/Shutterstock

On Monday, October 12, Utah senator Mike Lee was present at the Supreme Court confirmation hearing nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, despite the senator testing positive for COVID-19 just days earlier.


Republican Senator Mike Lee was said to have tested positive for  Corona Virus the morning of October 2. Disregarding the recommended 14 day isolation period, Lee was seen in person at the recent confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. Lee also attended the hearing maskless, even while delivering his opening statement. It seemed as though Lee also did not adhere to social distancing as he was seen on Monday, whispering back and forth to colleagues.

Lee reported that he “felt great” on the day of the hearing.

Lee was also reported giving out hugs, once again maskless, to people who visited the White House on September 26. This was just a few days before Lee began to feel sick, and then tested positive himself, as well as the well-known outbreak that infected multiple government officials, two of which being President Trump and his wife, Melania.

While it is not certain that Lee contracted the virus during this exchange, many assume that it is the case. Many who attended on September 26 were not properly social distance and not continuously wearing masks. We must continue to follow the CDC guidelines when it comes to protecting ourselves and others from COVID-19