James Blake Drops New EP ‘Before’

R&S Records

English singer-songwriter James Blake has just dropped a brand new EP, Before.

Blake released his self titled album in 2011, and in 2013 released his album Overgrown which includes popular tracks such as “Retrograde.” The artist and his electronic pop sound have been featured in several hit collaborations, including “Forward” by Beyonce, “Grieving” by Kehlani, and Travis Scott’s “STOP TRYING TO BE GOD.”

The Before EP has four new tracks, titled “I Keep Calling,” “Before,” “Do You Ever,” and “Summer Of Now.” Blake creates this EP with a sound familiar to him, that is close to his DJ and club scene roots.

The London musician tells VMAN about his musical influences when creating new songs for this EP; “For the sound, I grew up with various types of music ranging from garage to jungle to dubstep to rave and disco, a little bit of everything. With each track, it’s hard to say what direct genre or artist or even music that influenced me the most. But I think that it’s probably fairly evident to anyone who listens to those kinds of music already where the melting pot of ideas come from.”

A new official music video has been released for the new song off of the EP, “Before.” This “Official Quarantine Video” showcases a bunch of at-home video clips of Blake recording the song as well as several dancers expressing themselves to the beat of the music. This creative music video portrays the copious amounts of creativity that can still occur while stuck at home.

To celebrate the release of the EP, Blake will be performing a DJ set in the Boiler Room for the first time in seven years. Tune in to the broadcast on October 16, and be sure to take a listen to the Before EP by James Blake, which is available now.