Voters Urged to Use Official Ballot Boxes as California GOP Caught Installing Fake Ones

Santa Ana, California / USA – July 23-2020: Official Mail In Voting Ballot Drop Box. An official Vote Ballot Drop Box in front of a government building in Southern California, Santa Ana. mikeledray/Shutterstock

Ballot drop-boxes began popping up all over the state of California in what looked like an attempt to make it easier to vote during the pandemic, but reports show nefarious intentions.

The Washington Post released a report on Monday stating that the California GOP is responsible for setting up fake ballot boxes and encouraging voters to use them when turning in their ballots.

After this news, President Trump started a twitter rant that mentioned California but not the scandal. Instead of condemning the blatant voter fraud, Trump instead said several states were going to hell and implied that they could be saved by casting their vote for him.

State officials have come forward stating that the fake ballot boxes are illegal, and if there are any convictions for the ruse, criminals could face prison time for the felony. Voters expressed their outrage for the scandal and voiced their concerns for the security of the mail-in process.

Social Media users also pointed out the irony of Trump claiming that Democrats were planning to rig the election when it turns out to be his party doing the dirty work. The President’s silence on the issue also shows that he will ignore the mistakes made and crimes committed by Republicans only to constantly try to discredit the work of the Democratic party.

There are only 22 days until Election Day, which is November 3, and it seems that Trump’s supporters will go outside the lines of legality to try to ensure his re-election. Below is an example of what an official ballot box looks like.

Whether you choose to vote in person or by mail, use to learn all about polling locations and drop-off boxes in your county. You vote matters and this November we must vote as if our lives depend on it.