Peyton List Spreads the Word About ‘Adopt a Shelter Dog Month’

DFree/ Shutterstock

Meet Peyton List’s new dog, Mo Rascal, a foster dog she adopted from Bella Vita Rescue.

October is not only known for Halloween; it’s also known as ‘Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.’ List used this perfect opportunity to adopt a dog, and you should consider adopting too.

In the past, List has adopted other pets. Today, she introduced the newest member of the family to all her fans, who were undoubtedly excited. List is an ASPCA Youth Ambassador which encourages people to adopt and protect pets.

List uses her platform to spread awareness about the increase of dogs searching for new homes due to the fires and the coronavirus. She urges her fans to give these dogs loving homes.

This time of year, adoptions tend to slow down, leaving shelters overcrowded and animals without homes. A new pet could be what you need to turn 2020 around and make it a good year. Pets are why we get up in the morning, and the connection you make with them goes beyond words. No matter the time of year, Peyton will continue to advocate for pets and be the voice they don’t have.

Head down to your local shelter and find the pet that is right for you. It will not only make their life better, but it will make yours better too. For more information about where you can adopt, go to the ASPCA website to find the nearest adoption location. Help save a life and give them a loving home.