‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie,’ a Musical Film to Inspire Young Questioning People


Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, an inspiring film to spread awareness and encourage LGBTQ+ community members to embrace who they are.  

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie was originally scheduled to come out this year. However, the film was pushed back to January next year due to COVID. The first trailer was released on Sunday, October 11, on National Coming Out Day.

The film is an adaptation of the West End stage musical directed by Jonathan Buttrell, written by Tom MacRae and composer-songwriter Dan Gillespie Sells. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is based on a true story of a gay teen, Jamie, played by Max Harwood, who wishes to debut his drag persona at his school’s prom. Jamie will have to face gender norms and the disapproval of his father.

Jamie isn’t taken seriously for his ambitions, not only because being a professional performer is a tough career, but because of his sexual orientation and dream of being a drag queen. However, Jamie isn’t letting that get in his way, and with the support of his best friend, Pritti (played by Lauren Patel), he will find the strength to embrace who he is.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a film that many LGBTQ+ individuals can identify with, sheds light on questioning people, and brings awareness to the community.