Rare Beauty’s Holiday Collection Is Now Available

Rare Beauty

Meet the newest beauty essentials of Rare Beauty: the Magnetic Spirit and Confident Energy eyeshadow palettes.

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez released their Holiday Collection, which is a 7-piece limited-edition beauty collection that includes staple pieces of Rare Beauty and two brand new eyeshadow palettes.

Selenators were being teased by Rare Beauty leading up to the launch of the Holiday Collection. On October 7, the beauty brand shared a teaser video that was purple and sparkly, sharing something was coming soon. Following the video, they revealed the beautiful lilac packaging of the Magnetic Spirit eyeshadow palette.

However, the wait is finally over. Everyone can now get their hands on the new collection.

Rare Beauty’s 7-piece Holiday Collection is all about color and celebrating your best self. The holiday launch will include Confident Energy Eyeshadow Palette ($25), Magnetic Spirit Eyeshadow Palette ($25), Best of Rare Beauty Lip & Cheek 4 Piece Mini Set ($28), Best of Rare Beauty Lip & Cheek 2 Piece Mini Duo ($15), and Best of Rare Beauty Mini Lip Soufflé Matte Lip Cream Duo ($15). Rare Beauty, exclusively on their online website, will also have a Puffy Tote Bag ($25) and Handheld Mirror ($20) in the Holiday Collection.

Rare Beauty

All of the products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Even more amazing is that each product purchased will eventually contribute to one percent of annual Rare Beauty sales that will go directly to the Rare Impact Fund,which helps give people access to mental health services.

The limited-edition beauty collection is perfect for creating a bold look this season.

Magnetic Spirit Eyeshadow Palette

Rare Beauty

Magnetic Spirit is a prismatic eyeshadow palette of six rich jewel-tones and earth tones to reflect your true aura—all in a buttery, blendable, long-wearing formula. The colors were an inspiration of the light and energy that surround us featuring gorgeous shades of pinks, purples, nudes, and greens. It is perfect for a quick wash of color, or endless layering to create a glamorous look.

Confident Energy Eyeshadow Palette

Rare Beauty

Confident Energy is a glimmering eyeshadow palette of six everyday neutrals and bolds to reflect your true aura—all in a rich, blendable, long-wearing formula. In contrast to Magnetic Spirit, this eyeshadow palette has a very natural feel with enchanting shades of greens, blues, browns, and nudes. This palette was also inspired by the light and energy that surrounds us which is perfect for one swatch of color or endless layering.

Get your holiday shopping done for your loved ones, or treat yourself, and get your favorites from the Rare Beauty’s Holiday Collection. It is now available only on Rare Beauty and Sephora online. The collection will be launching in stores on October 16.