Maddie Ziegler Sits Down With Finnegan Biden to Call Gen Z to Vote


Maddie Ziegler sat down for almost four minutes to discuss voting with Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Finnegan Biden.

This will be Ziegler’s first time voting and she is excited about this “huge moment.” Ziegler calls Gen Z to action because she believes this is one of the most important times to come together as a whole generation to make a difference. They discuss the importance of voting on a national and local level. The direction your vote swings is based on what issues are the most important to you.

Biden hopes this will be the most consequential election of their lifetime so everyone should look at it as “an opportunity and a gift to use [their] voice to make a change and make history.”

If you are having trouble choosing a candidate that represents you, try ranking the importance of an issue from 1-10, see which candidate’s beliefs best align with that issue, and tally up the totals for each candidate. These conversations prove how important it can be to take the time and educate one’s self about politics and what is happening in the world because no one goes untouched by the effects of it.

Ziegler talks about how she has learned so much and continues to grow from the knowledge. She believes the issues that this nation is facing are worth fighting for. Biden hopes Gen Z carries the momentum from protesting, marching, and social media to the polls.

The younger generation is creating waves of change. They are the future and they hold that responsibility with their head held high.