Will Smith and Family Accept Award from Bring Change to Mind


Bring Change to Mind is a mental health organization founded by Glenn Close with the intention of removing “the stigma and discrimination around mental illness.”

The organization’s first campaign in 2009 was to spark a discussion about mental health, something that was far more taboo over a decade ago. From then on, Bring Change to Mind has won countless awards for their approach to discussing mental illness.

One of their organization’s actions includes dedicating the Robin Williams Award every year to an entertainer who not only brings laughs but also gives back to the community act large, originally inspired by Robin Williams’s battle with mental illness. This year, the award was presented at-a-distance to the Smith family for their work as entertainers as well as philanthropists for multiple causes and also for their honest discussions on their talk show, Red Table Talk.

In a speech about the award, Robin Williams’s son, Zachery Williams says, “Thank you to Will and Jada for your irreplaceable contributions to this industry, the landscape of which would undoubtedly not have been the same without you. But more than that, thank you for also raising a second generation that is a true testament to you, both in Trey, Jayden, and Willow, from one Genie family to another, thanks for sharing your phenomenal cosmic power with the world.”

In the video above, you can watch as the Smith family accepts this award with laughter, joy, and gratitude that they were so lucky to be the recipients of such an uplifting and endearing legacy.