Trump Refuses to Participate in Virtual Debate


During the last week, there has been an outbreak of COVID-19 in the White House, with over 34 people testing positive for the virus including President Donald Trump and the First Lady.

Trump’s diagnosis came after the first Presidential debate and spread like wildfire. Now the second debate is around the corner and the Commission of Presidential Debates has decided to make the October 15 meeting virtual.

Trump spoke on the CPD’s decision in his first interview with FOX since his brief hospital stay. The President still does not seem to understand the seriousness of stopping the spread despite being infected, hospitalized, and treated. Despite the CPD’s explanation that the changes were made for the safety of others, Trump only cares about himself and the image that he portrays to his followers. The president out refused to participate, calling it a waste of time.

Social media and political commentators have reacted to the president’s choice, and the hashtag “#chickentrump” began trending on Twitter. Some believe that the president is backing out because of the disaster that was the first debate. Those who tuned into that debate have recommended the use of a mute button, so Trump and candidate Joe Biden will not be able to yell over each other again. One Twitter user made a valid point when he tweeted at Trump reminding him that Americans have been living life virtually for months during the pandemic.

The president has time to change his mind, though his campaign team has already released a statement that he will not participate. Biden’s team has said that he plans to attend the debate virtually whether Trump joins or not. Biden will have the opportunity to share his plan for the country, uninterrupted, and Trump’s choice to participate or not could greatly affect his race for re-election.