The New Diptyque Electric Wall Diffuser is the Perfect Holiday Gift


Spice up any room with the Diptyque Electric Wall Diffuser. Diffusers are an excellent choice to fill any room with a memorable warming scent that relaxes and lift your spirits. With winter just around the corner, your air diffuser will be perfect to experience various aromas suited for the holidays such as peppermint, vanilla cinnamon, and even pumpkin spice. However, when we’re away from home, we tend to miss the smell of home. Fortunately, with the electric wall diffuser by Diptyque, we can take these fun scents anywhere.

Diptyque’s Electric Wall Diffuser will make it easier for you to bring any of your scents on the go. You can plug this wall diffuser into any outlet, leaving you with the perfect scent. The diffuser quickly activates when you give it a simple touch. You can also change the scents as you desire, without having your former fragrance interfered. The scent will last up to 40 hours, along with 80 cycles of scent diffusion. Not to mention, one cycle lasts an hour. The electric wall diffuser becomes activated for ten minutes and then turned off for another ten minutes to give you the perfect amount of fragrance, as it repeats this cycle. The Diptyque Electric Wall Diffuser features a quite captivating, fashionable text design; it would also be a perfect holiday gift for fragrance lovers.

Take the chance to bring your favorite scents anywhere you go by purchasing the Diptyque Electric Wall Diffuser at Diptyqueparis or Nordstorm for $120.