President Trump Refers to Kamala Harris as a ‘Communist’ and ‘Monster’


After the vice-presidential debate, President Donald Trump called vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris foul names, including a ‘monster’ and a ‘Communist’ on Fox Business Network’s Mornings with Maria.

Trump told host Maria Bartiromo that Harris was further left than Sen. Bernie Sanders and went as far as to call her a Communist. In the 2020 election, Sanders has been public about his support for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. In the past, Trump has vilified the Democratic Party by calling them Communists, so this tactical and immature move wasn’t shocking.

After Harris stated that the Trump administration wouldn’t ban fracking, the method of extracting oil and natural gases from the Earth, he believed that he needed to speak out about Harris. Trump called her “unlikeable” and a “liar,” believing that she will end up becoming the President of the United States. He also stated that he didn’t think that Biden was mentally capable of being President so that the position would be passed onto Harris.

Harris is the first black woman and first South Asian American to join a major presidential election position. The minority communities she represents are proud of her, as she is proud to represent them. Her background is a large portion of who she is, and she has a unique perspective that would be an asset in the white house.

Harris continues to hold her head high and not let Trump’s malicious comments define her. The words say more about Trump than they do about Harris; it is increasingly clear that strong, powerful women threaten Trump.