Jaden Smith Honors Those Killed by Police and Encourages Americans To Vote During His ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Performance


Jaden Smith gives a powerful performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to highlight the country’s current racial tensions.


Last night Smith performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live and his performance had a powerful message. The opening showed protest signs in the seats with encouraging slogans, and Smith sported a sweatsuit with the words “VOTE” displayed all over it.

Throughout the show, Smith performed in front of a screen that showed Civil Rights marches and protests as well as the recent Black Lives Matter protests that occurred throughout the country. Several names of Black people that have been killed by police were shown throughout the show as Smith sang with a raised fist.

Smith performed his song “Boys and Girls” off of his latest album CTV3. The song is about young people coming together to bring about change and fight for a better future for themselves and generations to come, which is very fitting for the current political climate.

Smith has been known for his activism despite his young age. His latest Snapchat series, The Solution Committeecenters around educating young people about voting to encourage them to go out to the polls on Election Day.


Smith also touched on the issue of climate change, which he’s been passionate about combating for years. He’s even scheduled to speak at this year’s TED’s Global Countdown event on fighting climate change. Smith’s fans loved the performance, and they’re proud of him for continuously using his platform to speak on important issues.

The performance ended with Smith giving a speech encouraging everyone to vote in the upcoming election, which he called “the most important election of our lifetime.” To get information on voting in your area, you can go to vote.org. Also, be sure to stream Smith’s latest album CTV3 and catch him at TED’s Global Countdown on October 10.