YouTube Announces New Project to Promote Black Voices


YouTube has announced a new project for promoting Black voices on their website.

The project will share stories that are focus on racial justice, college, jail expansion, and family dinners.

Many YouTubers have promoted their new material on social media. The commitment of the YouTube community is thriving on these media platforms.

YouTube’s Vice President of Learning, Impact, Family, Film, TV & Health, Malik Ducard, addressed how the topics for this new project came directly from their #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund. This fund’s goal is to help Black voices and perspectives to be better heard on YouTube throughout the upcoming years.

“With these new resources, we really wanted to invest with intentionality,” Ducard stated. “We wanted to put our money behind creating and supporting fresh narratives that emphasize the intellectual power, authenticity, dignity, and really the joy of Black voices.”

YouTube’s goal with this new fund is to help others learn and educate themselves on racial injustice. The company hopes that this fund will “build empathy and understanding”, as well as inspire further action against injustice.

Throughout the streaming service, they will be adding additional content from Black writers, directors, producers, and Black-owned production companies.

Susan Daniels, Global Head of Original Content for YouTube Originals, commented about the new material.

“It won’t just be about the talent on the screen, but it will be about the talent above the line and below the line,” Daniels said. “I think that’s an important distinction and important opportunity that we’re focused on.”

YouTube will be adding new content beginning this month that will include documentaries, TV series, and live streams.

Tune in to YouTube to discover new titles that will help promote Black voices and perspectives that need to be heard.