The Best Gifts to Remind Family & Friends to Vote in the 2020 Election

Clare V.

With the presidential election coming up in just 27 days, here are some great gifts to remind those you love to vote on November 3.

Whether you are voting by mail or in-person, casting your vote is more important this year than ever before. Although National Voter Registration Day passed a few weeks ago, there are still many different ways to register to vote (or find out if you are registered). Here are some subtle ways to remind everyone around you to get their absentee ballot, send in their vote by mail, or go to their local in-person voting station on November 3.

Uncommon Goods $65

This stylish and powerful bracelet from Uncommon Goods is a perfect way to remind your loved ones to vote. This bracelet is not only timely, but it goes with anything! Put it on and you will nudge others to get ready to vote. You will also be sure to get compliments from others.

Nordstrom $45

This trendy Treasure & Bond tie-dye sweatshirt from Nordstrom is both comfortable and timely. The subtle little embroidered “voter” on the right side of the sweatshirt will subtly remind those close to you to cast their vote. It comes in both a pink tie-dye combo and a grey tie-dye combo. Order yours now from Nordstrom’s and get free shipping.

Anthropology $16

Get a set of ten of these adorable voting-themed postcards from Anthropologie today as a gift for a friend, or for your own personal use. Created by Mr. Boddington’s Studio, these illustrated postcards feature suffragettes, ballots, and other vote-themed drawings.

Madewell $39.50

Go purchase this unisex graphic vote t-shirt from Madewell today. Made for both men and women, this shirt is meant to encourage everyone, no matter their race, religious background, or gender identity, to cast their vote in the upcoming election. The shirt depicts people holding up each of the letters of the word “vote” in order to symbolize just how important each vote is in order to uphold democracy.

Clare V. $99

This t-shirt encourages everyone around you to vote in a pretty script and is in partnership with When We All Vote. Ten percent of every purchase will go to the When We All Vote organization. The front of the t-shirt encourages people to vote in French and could serve as an interesting conversation piece. Go order your “When We All Vote” t-shirt from Clare V. today.

In addition to purchasing these items, we implore you to make sure you are registered and ready to vote in less than 30 days. Here is some more information about how to fill out your absentee ballot in time to vote in the election.

We encourage you to cast your vote in the upcoming election and use your voice to push for social and political change. You can find more information about all types of voting here.