Michelle Obama Urges Americans to Vote for Joe Biden in Her New Campaign Video


Michelle Obama released a final campaign video to promote Americans to vote for Joe Biden.

Former first lady Michelle Obama criticized President Donald Trump during her last campaign video for Joe Biden.

Biden’s campaign released the video today to urge Americans to choose his party over Trump. Obama focused on her lack of approval of Trump throughout the entire video. “We can no longer pretend that we don’t know exactly who and what this president stands for. Search your hearts, and your conscience, and then vote for Joe Biden like your lives depend on it,” Obama said.

The former first lady continued to condemn Trump on his management of the pandemic. She expressed how Trump has been “missing in action” and that “we simply cannot trust this president to tell us the truth about anything.”

The personal and urgent tone that Obama presented in her 24-minute video mirrored her address that was given at the Democratic National Convention this past August.

She had a consistent theme throughout the campaign video that she is disgusted by Trump’s actions and how Biden can save Americans. The former first lady did not address or show sympathy for Trump’s recent COVID-19 infection.

Apart from the video, Obama mentioned that she expresses sympathy for “everyone touched by the virus” but no direct message towards President Trump. She emphasized her care and concern for “especially the Secret Service and residence staff”.

“I’ll be very honest: This is a message I’d planned to release earlier, and after everything that’s happened, I weighed whether or not to go public at all,” she wrote. “But I wanted you all to hear what’s been on my mind. Because the fact is that the drama of the past few days has only emphasized what’s at stake in this election.”

You can watch Obama’s campaign video here to understand her reasonings to vote for Joe Biden. Make sure you are registered to vote and submit your ballot on or before November 3. Every vote counts.