Gabrielle Richardson Founds the Brown Girl Butterfly Project, a Wellness Kit for People of Color

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The Brown Girl Butterfly Project aims to create a community of black and brown women and non-binary folks through healing, nurture, and soft protest.

Model-activist Gabrielle Richardson found herself asking “What happens to protestors when they get home? What about people that can’t go out and protest?” To combat these concerns, she created The Brown Girl Butterfly Project.

As many poured their anger and pain after George Floyd’s unjust death into the form of protests, Richardson poured her feelings into The Brown Girl Butterfly Project by marching to the frontlines with her friends and handing out water, snacks, and first aid kits.

When the protests began, Richardson was determined to be an advocate for change. She quickly found herself exhausted after each protest from the emotional and physical tolls they involve. In an interview with Vogue, Richardson said, “Our aim is to provide tools and instill therapeutic practices within the Black femme community outside of actual therapy, and give those who are heavily affected by current events a moment of reprieve from the collective grief we are all experiencing.”

The group held their first activation, June 21, at an art gallery in L.A, called Lei Min Space. Since then, many have joined them, including actors Laura Harrier and Alexa Demie and singer Raveena Aurora.

Richardson has pursued her modeling career without hindering her creative passion. She worked at a safe place for artists of color called Art Hoe Collective and founded The Brown Girl Butterfly Project. You can find Richardson modeling for Prada, or strutting on her Instagram with her signature, Marley twists.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Richardson has become a prominent advocate for mental health and self-care. She is now bringing us a wellness kit for black and brown femmes and wellness. You can visit their Instagram for more information on the project and how to get involved.