Sephora’s 2021 Accelerate Program Focuses on BIPOC Beauty Brands


Sephora’s Accelerate Program has an immense impact on up-and-coming beauty brands, now it’s turning programming towards POC brands in 2021.

This program was designed by Sephora with the goal of increasing women-owned and run beauty brands that are sustainable and inclusive. The program runs for half a year where the participants attend a training boot camp, learn from other mentors and entrepreneurs, and present their line at Demo Day, the end of the program.

The specific requirement for POC founders in the 2021 cohort, stems directly from the conversations happening all over the country about equality and race. Aurora James is the famous designer who sparked a debate in the fashion industry about dedicating 15% of shelf space to black-owned brands. Sephora took on this challenge and decided to take it a step further with its Accelerate Program.

The goal of the Accelerate Program is to support these new brands and founders with the right resources to help them succeed. They also gain an invaluable connection to Sephora and the beauty industry. Some past brands include Bread Beauty hair products designed for curls and LXMI skincare featured in Vogue.

The best part of the program for its participants is certainly the end where their products are finally put on a shelf at Sephora.

In an industry dominated by male investors and male-run companies, there is very much a need for a program like this to help the women trying to take back space for themselves.

We can’t wait to see what the 2021 cohort will do with their products! To learn more about Sephora’s 2021 Accelerate Program you can visit their website here