Experience Alicia Keys ‘Love Looks Better’ in 360 Reality Audio

Milan Zrnic

Join Alicia Keys on a sonic journey with 360 Reality Audio.

Alicia Keys recently released 360 Reality Audio for her song “Love Looks Better.” The song is about what lead Keys to achieving her goals and how she was able to reach the top. As the song continues she sings about how her love is slowly going away. The song climaxes when Keys sings about finding the right love for her life.

‘Love Looks Better’ is full of passion and energy and allows you to escape from the real world and immerse yourself into Keys’ world. However, now you can listen to this song with 360 Reality Audio.

For those who don’t know, 360 Reality Audio uses Sony object-based audio technology to create a brand new way to listen to music. It makes the sound of vocals, guitars, pianos, and even the sound of a live audience project in a spherical setting, allowing your music to be played in a 360 surround sound field. This Reality Audio gives artists a brand new way to express and share their creativity.

Keys first announced this news on Twitter saying, “The video for my new song “Love Looks Better” is out now. Put on your headphones and join me on a sonic journey to experience my video in a totally new way with 360 Reality Audio. You’ll feel like you’re with me in the video!”

You can listen to “Love Looks Better” now on TidalDeezer, and Amazon Music HD.