BTS Opens up to Variety on Their Decision to Donate to the Black Lives Matter Movement

Photo by: NBC

In a recent cover with Variety, BTS opened up about their decision to donate $1 million to the Black Lives Matter cause.

Photo by: NBC

As previously reported, the BTS Army made headlines in the U.S. due to their massive political engagement this past summer. Taking over Twitter, K-pop fans took over racist hashtags, the Dallas police app, and disrupted President Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa.

After BTS gave their donations, their Army decided to match their donations by independently raising the amount within 25 hours.

Now, with the help of Variety, fans will be able to understand what was going through the group’s minds.

When asked how they decided to make such a donation, Jin explains how they also have experienced prejudice. He furthers his commentary by saying, “We feel that prejudice should not be tolerated; it really has no place.” Jin sheds light on how this was the beginning of their discussion and ultimately help them reach their final decision.

RM elaborated on their knowledge of what their fans were doing on Twitter. He discussed how the band and its company considered this and carefully made the decision.

Variety then asked the group if they saw themselves as political. Suga then gave an outstanding response. The artist explained how they don’t consider themselves to be political, that their decision solely based on them being against racism. Suga says, “We just want to voice the fact that we feel it’s the right of everyone to not be subject to racism or violence.”

J-hope followed his team member’s words by saying the group wants to make the world better in any way they can. This need does not only center in the group’s home, Korea, but also around the world.

BTS is undoubtedly making its mark in the music industry as not only musicians but as advocates who encourage youth to pave a better future.