Storm Reid Discusses Recent Presidential Debate And Encourages Fans to Vote

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Storm Reid has taken to social media to give her two cents on the presidential debate and explain why everyone who can vote must vote.

The 17-year-old actress expressed her confusion and disappointment at how the presidential debate turned out. She goes on to say that it was chaotic and compared it to a roasting match.

The presidential debate is a time for the candidates to clearly state the issues they support and give the American citizens insight on what kind of people they are and what voting them into office would mean for the country. Instead of using this time for what it was meant for, Reid indirectly that President Donald Trump was deflecting.

Reid ends the Instagram video by saying, “He was condoning white supremacists and racists actions. This reiterated to me he doesn’t care about human life, he doesn’t care about the global community. Please vote.”


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Despite not being of age to vote this year, we can see how passionate she was about the political climate. She represents a generation of people who are no longer standing by, she demands change. If you are eligible to vote it is imperative you exercise your right.

Her video got an astounding amount of comments that support what she is saying and praise for being brave enough to say it. Tina Lawson said it best when she wrote, “So young. But soo wise.”

Vote for the oppressed, vote for those who can’t, and vote for change.