Bryson Tiller Releases Third Album, ‘ANNIVERSARY’

RCA Records

The highly anticipated third album, ANNIVERSARY, by singer/rapper Bryson Tiller just dropped.

The release comes five years to the day after the release of Tiller’s debut album, TRAPSOUL.

Tiller had been teasing fans for weeks with singles like “Inhale” and “Always Forever,” but now they can enjoy the full experience of the complete album.  The album was released early on October 2, and within hours the album is already #1 on Apple Music.

Since his first release in 2015, Tiller has been flying under the radar between his sophomore album True to Self, having a second child, and earning his high school diploma. Now he is back with a musical gift that fans could not wait to dive into.

The ten-track album balances perfectly between rap and soul. It tells of Tiller’s personal growth while exploring the high and lows of relationships past and present. The album is dedicated to Tiller’s grandmother, who can be heard encouraging the artist on “Keep Doing What You’re Doing”.

Listeners have already fallen in love with “Outta Time” featuring fellow rapper/singer Drake, a collaboration that fans have been waiting on for years. Tiller’s music is known for lyrics that stir emotions and the fans eat it up. Some tweeting that they will be spending their weekend’s dissecting and feeling every word.

The singer has already hinted at new music as well. On his twitter, he mentioned that there might be another album out towards the end of this year, and fans believe that ANNIVERSARY is just a teaser before another full-length album.

You can tune into the soulful yet bouncy beats and be drawn in by Tiller’s voice on ANNIVERSARY here.