‘Dancing with the Stars’ Contestant Skai Jackson Sends a Message to Fans on Her Way to Rehearsal

ABC/Kelsey McNeal

On Wednesday, September 30,  Skai Jackson sent fans a very important me as she made her way into rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars.

Actress Skai Jackson, known for her appearance on Disney shows Jessi and Bunk’d recently made her dancing debut as a contestant on the tv series Dancing with the Stars.

While on her way to dance rehearsal, Jackson was seen sporting a white tee-shirt that read “Go Vote” with a sign holding up a peace sign, standing in for the “V” vote. Jackson also posted a picture of herself on social media wearing the shirt, encouraging her fans who are 18 and older to, as the shirt says, go out and vote in the election coming up.

As the young actress turned 18 in April, this will be the first election in which Jackson can vote, and she is using her platform to keep her fans educated and motivated to do their part and vote as well this year.

On October 1, Jackson also took to her Instagram story, linking a short interview she had with Teen Vogue in which the actress gave her honest opinion about current President, Donald Trump, and why it is important to go vote during this election term.

However, this is not the only time Jackson has encouraged fans to vote. She also tweeted another message back in January, urging eligible individuals to go out and vote.

As voting dates are quickly approaching across the US, make sure to register or check your registration status to ensure that you are ready to vote.